Audrey + Michael | Wedding at Ruthe Jackson Center

Audrey and Michael are married!  It may have been raining most of the day but that did not stop us from having an amazing day, plus its good luck, right?  These two have been together since 2008 and it was a great privilege to be able to celebrate with them on their big day!  I really don’t think I saw either one of them stop smiling all day.  One thing I’ve noticed about Audrey and Michael as I have gotten to know them is their love for the people around them.  They make sure that everyone knows just how special they are to them.  Audrey had sweet Kendra Scott gifts for everyone and I think one of my favorite moments during getting ready was when she gave her grandmother her gift.  You could tell they have a special bond and it was such a sweet moment.  While Audrey got into her wedding gown, she was surrounded by her mom, sisters and daughter which made the moment just that much more meaningful.  Her face just lit up as soon as she put it on.  Before the ceremony, Michael had a gift delivered to Audrey.  It was a rose gold Michael Kors watch and when she opened it, her jaw just about dropped to the ground.  She was so excited, that she didn’t see that he had written her a note, so she ended up reading it after the ceremony when they were together.  It was so cute, especially when she found out that he had set the time of the watch to their ceremony time. 

After the ceremony, it was time for the party.  They were introduced and went straight into their sweet first dance.  When it was time for the parent dances however, they not only danced with their parents but also took turns dancing with their children.  What a special moment and memory! The rest of the night was spent living it up on the dance floor!  Audrey and Michael were definitely having the time of their lives!  It was an amazing day for an amazing couple and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to photograph their big day!  Congratulations to Audrey and Michael!