I first met Hanna and Charlie at the Brik open house last fall. They seemed super cool, right off the bat, but after their engagement session I can confirm that not only are they cool, we actually all need more Hanna and Charlies in our life!
These two are the epitome of the power couple. Quick witted and hilarious, encouraging and kind. And I had such a great time exploring their old neighborhood in Oak Cliff with them! 
They introduced me to some great new spots around Bishop Arts, like Wild Detectives and Spinster Records, to name a few, and even offered me Topo Chico, the ultimate Texas treat.
But their big request for the session was that we hit a bluebonnet field, and thanks to their dedicated scouting, we ended up at a great spot nearby!
So, I’m not just saying this because you bought me a slice of pie, though I will forever be grateful for that slice of Cloud Nine… you two are seriously awesome, and I cannot wait for your wedding! 
– Jennifer