Kristin + Deven | Engagement Session at Fort Worth Stockyards and Airfield Falls

I loved getting to hang out with Kristin and Deven for their engagement session down at the Stockyards.  When I first met with them they told me that their first date wasn’t anything exciting but when I actually got the whole story, I’d beg to differ!  

“On our first date, my mom (bride’s mom) couldn’t get a hold of me and ended up calling the police because she thought something had happened to me. Long story short, I had to call the police officer that my mom was talking to and tell him that I was okay.” – Kristin

I mean, that seems like a pretty exciting first date to me haha!  After a first date that ended in a phone call to the police, a year and a half later they are getting married!  I am so excited to celebrate with these two in October!