Kelly + Andrew | Wedding Ceremony at Good Shepherd Catholic and Reception at City Club Fort Worth

Kelly and Andrew are married!  These two Aggies tied the knot on a rainy Saturday in March.  They met at Texas A&M at the end of their freshman year and texted over the summer before Andrew asked Kelly to midnight yell.  Here we are 6 years later and now they are married!  They say rain is good luck on your wedding day right?  Well, it rained quite a bit on their wedding day so they ought to have all the luck in the world!  Even though it may have been gloomy looking outside, inside it was bright and airy with all of the windows and natural light provided by Good Shepherd Catholic Church.  Kelly and Andrew had a beautiful ceremony and you’d never know it was raining out.  Luckily, we were able to sneak outside afterward for a few fun photos under the umbrella.  Since we had a bit of a break between the ceremony and reception, we took advantage of the City Club being empty and got a lot more fun photos with Kelly, Andrew, and their wedding party.  It was nice to have a break before the guests arrived so that everyone could rest up before getting crazy on the dance floor!  This group was so much fun and barely ever left the dance floor.  To end the night everyone gathered around for the Aggie War Hymn and then Kelly and Andrew shared a private last dance while their guests gathered downstairs.  They made their way down the escalator through the crowd of spinning rally towels to the carriage that was waiting to take them away.  It was such a great day with so many fun people that helped create memories that will last a lifetime.  Congratulations to Kelly and Andrew!