Madison + Logan | Wedding Reception at The Laurel

Grapevine, TX

We had so much fun celebrating with Madison, Logan and their families!  They are a bunch of dancing machines and were a blast to be out on the dance floor with.  I love how close Madison and her brother are.  He gave a very sweet toast to his sister and her new husband and danced with her out on the dance floor several times.  It made me smile to see how close this family is and how much they all enjoy being with each other.  I especially loved seeing Madison dance with her grandfather!  He was having so much fun!  It was an incredible night that ended with a private last dance between the bride and groom, where they were able to have one last look at their reception and soak up the day together.  They were then sent off by all of their family and friends to start their new life together!

Congratulations to Madison and Logan!  I feel so privileged to have been a part of their big day!