Laura + Ron | Engagement Session at Highland Park and White Rock Lake

Dallas, TX

Ok, how cute are Laura and Ron? Seriously, these two are so sweet and silly together! I loved getting to hang out with them in Dallas for their engagement session. When I first met Laura, she told me that they love to laugh and be silly. I absolutely love it when my couples like to be goofy with each other in front of the camera. It makes everything so much more fun and definitely helps me to get to know them better as a couple! Check out their sweet proposal story!
“He picked me up with a red carpet outside his car (which he does for special occasions) and we went to the coffee shop where we went on our first date. He chugged his hot chocolate, and as soon as I took my last sip he asked for the check and we left for dinner at Sevy’s. We drove around Preston Center after and looked at lights, then stopped in Park Cities Baptist Church to see the lights in the sanctuary. The security guard told us to hurry because they were wrapping things up. When we walked into the sanctuary, all the Christmas lights were off and he was disappointed/frustrated. We sat down in a pew and he said he had been working on something and was wondering if he could practice with me. He turned to me, and all of the Christmas lights came on (ahhhhhhhh — that’s the angels singing!), and it couldn’t have been better timing. He recited Proverbs 31 – the passage about a wife of noble character. When he finished, gave me a card that said “On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…see the box”. He shimmied as best he could to get down on one knee, even though he had a walking boot on his left foot and a splint on his right ankle. He asked me to be his wife, and I said yes! He pulled out the ring box and I opened it, and the rest is history :)” – Laura
I cannot wait for their wedding day that is coming up in March and then their fun reception again in June!
– Amanda