Sammy & Van | Wedding Ceremony at Knotting Hill Place

Sammy and Van’s wedding was truly the stuff of dreams. In fact, I don’t know that I could put into words just how amazingly fun and beautiful their wedding day was. (Thank goodness for photos, right?!)

For starters… There were dogs in formal wear. A break dancing Santa. Nods to their shared love of Disney everywhere. A surprising first look. A first dance on a cloud. Storm Trooper cake pops. An epic father, daughter dance. A Broadway-caliber performance of a speech/song…

And don’t get me started on their snowy exit! 

But, of all the amazing details – and there were aplenty, as Ariel would say – what really struck me about their wedding day was how fiercely these two love their friends and their family. They went out of their way to make sure their guests not only had a great time, but that they truly felt the love they share.

Of course, it helps that their families and friends are just as fun and full of energy as they are. (As you might catch in their not-so-traditional family photos after the ceremony… don’t worry moms. We got some traditional ones, as well.)

Sammy and Van, thanks for making this day such a joy for everyone lucky enough to be there!

– Jennifer