Jenna + Conlan | Wedding Reception at The Ashton Depot

When walking into Jenna and Conlan’s wedding reception at the Ashton Depot, it was like walking into a winter wonderland!  The courtyard was lit with reindeer, the walls were washed in blue uplighting and each table had a unique centerpiece.  There were Christmas trees and ornaments as place settings and Christmas songs greeting you as you came in.  It definitely felt like the most wonderful time of the year!  Jenna and Conlan shared their first dance together while an artist observed and painted the whole experience.  After everyone was greeted and welcomed and the food was served, Conlan and Jenna played the newlywed game to see how well the knew each other.  It’s always fun to watch as they carefully think about each question and give their answers.  The rest of the evening, everyone enjoyed their time out on the dance floor and their time mingling with each other.  It was such a great day and I am so excited for Jenna and Conlan!  Congratulations!