Jesseca + Brent | Engagement at Roaring Park and Airfield Waterfall

I loved getting to hang out with Jesseca and Brent!  I always talk about how important it is for me to have the chance to bond with and get to know my couples and what better way to get to know your photographer than watching her roll down a hill?  Yes, I did in fact, slip in the mud and roll down a hill!  I was fine, my gear was fine, we all got a good laugh out of it and we are now bonded forever with that memory.  These two were so cute and giggly, I just cannot wait for their wedding at Classic Oaks Ranch next year!  Check out their sweet proposal story told by Jesseca:

“Well I studied abroad in London. Brent had the bright idea of coming to London with the idea of a proposal! So basically what he did was back when we started dating, he and I placed a lock on the 7th street bridge and threw the key into the Trinity. Well Brent decided that he wanted to leave a mark in London by doing the same thing. He brought a lock with the writing,” Brent and Jesseca Craft” on it and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me 🙂 So he proposed in front of the Tower Bridge, which is what people mistaken the London bridge for. We listen to music while admiring the skyline and enjoyed being a newly engaged couple!!”