Allison + Jacob | Wedding Reception at The Ashton Depot in Downtown Fort Worth

What an amazing day we had already had, and it wasn’t over yet!  It was then time to party and celebrate!  The Ashton Depot was lit up with warm candlelight as the sun went down outside.  It was the perfect backdrop for Allison and Jacob to share their first dance as husband and wife.  After dinner, the dance floor was open and stayed packed!  We were able to sneak outside for some fun night shots with the city and when we came back, had some fun with their sorority and fraternity friends from OU, where they met.  It was such a great day and I couldn’t be happier that I was given the privilege to photograph this wonderful couple!  Learn a little more about them here, as Allison describes how they met in her own words:

“Jacob and I met at a party the weekend before school started our freshman year at OU. We hit it off that first night so the following weekend Jacob ended up asking me to his Bid Day date party which was my first date party of college. We had a blast danging the night away and eating late night Taco Bell. After the date party, we kept things casual. We played racquetball and studied together a few times. I remember going over to his dorm to study with him because he had one of the test files. When I got over there, he was trying to teach me something for our Econ class, but I had no intention of paying attention because I thought he was just really cute and athletic and probably not very smart (and I just wanted to see him and get the old test!). As it turns out, he assumed the same thing about me thinking I was probably a dumb blonde. Little did we both know, that wasn’t the case at all. Over the next few years we ran in the same friend group and would try to be partners in class and be in the same group projects once we had figured out that both of us were smart, motivated students. Flash forward a few years and we are both Accounting majors in OU Grad School together. It wasn’t until grad school that we officially started dating. That fifth year of college together was perfect. We both already had jobs lined up so we weren’t having to study nearly as much so we really got to know each other and spend a ton of time together. The night before graduation we picked up a pizza from our go-to spot and walked to the stadium. It was in that moment
in the empty stadium that I realized I loved him and how difficult it was going to be to move to Dallas after graduation while he went to work in OKC. We did the whole long distance relationship deal from May 2014-December 2016. Oklahoma ended up beating out Dallas so I moved to OKC last December. Being back in the same city as Jacob (and not having to drive I-35 every other weekend) has been wonderful!”

Congratulations Allison & Jacob!