October 30, 2018

Kaleigh & Christian – Engagement at American Airlines Center and Lakeside Park

I loved getting to know these two during their session!  We got special access to the AA Center, which was awesome and perfect for these season ticket holders!  Check out the story of how they met below!

“Christian and I have been together since February 21, 2011. We met in highschool during our senior year and became best friends! The kind of best friends that would do everything together and hold hands in public and even say “I Love You” to one another. After graduation we both moved to Lubbock, Tx. He attended Texas Tech University and I attended the community college. Christian lived in the dorms on campus and I lived in an apartment with my female best friend. I had to teach christian how to do his laundry because he had never done it before and preferred bringing it over to my apartment versus using the community washer and dryers in the dorms. After I decided to move back home to Arlington, Tx that’s when we realized we liked each other more than just best friends and he asked me to be his girlfriend on my 19th birthday!!”