Amy & John – Wedding First Look and Ceremony at Arlington HallDallas, TX

Amy and John are married!  It was such a pleasure getting to work with these two.  They are one of those couples who just enjoy being together and in each other’s company.  You could definitely tell a difference on the wedding day once they finally got to see each other during their first look.  Once they were together it was like nothing else really mattered except that they were together.  I love how Amy talks about how John proposed to her.  Here is their story in her own words:

“So while I knew engagement and wedding was ahead for us, I did not think it would happen until after Easter at the earliest, since that was the next time he was going to see my dad and “get his blessing.”
All of the “firsts” or big dates in our relationship have happened on the 25th of a month. John is a chef and only has Sundays and Mondays off, and since he worked Valentines for everyone else, he said we should have our own special day for us and just make it Feb 25th. So he had planned a nice dinner and a show for us on Sun, Feb 25th which I looked online and has decided was probably Frankenstein at the Winspear since Young Frankenstein was maybe the 2nd movie we watched together when we started dating. He had said we had early dinner reservations at Trulucks and the timing made sense with the 7:30 show. When the waiter greeted us, John let him we know we had somewhere we had to be after dinner and that it would be best if we left by 6:30. I told the waiter “no, no, it’s not that urgent, the show we are going to isn’t until 7:30, we have time.” John just looked at my startled and was like “what? What are you doing?” I was like, “honey I know we are going to Frankenstein, I googled shows tonight and figured it out. It starts at 7:30 so we have time.” He again asked the waiter if we could be closed out around then. When we left Trulucks we took an Uber towards Klyde Warren Park and he asked if we could be let out early since it was a nice night and we could walk through the park. We are walking trough and he said “I know I told you your Valentines would be late, and before we leave here I wanted to give you this:”. And it was an envelope with a printout saying we were getting seats to the Justin Timberlake concert but date and location of seats was TBD. I was so excited because we had last talked about it and decided the tickets were too expensive. He then starts asking me if I really read the print out. I was like yeah, we are going but the details are unknown. He tells me to read it again so I do. Meanwhile I don’t notice he is starting to say something about how happy he has been with me and that he had something he planned to say but couldn’t and starts kneeling and reaching inside his coat pocket…the next thing I know there is a ring in front of me, the lid on the ring’s box fell off, and people with cameras are running up to us taking photographs!! I was stunned. He asked if I would marry him and my eyes were huge and I said “JOHN. You haven’t asked my dad!” He said “yes I did—I drove to your parents house on Monday on my day off.” I was in tears. He spent his day off driving 3.5 hours to their house in Houston and 3.5 hours back on Monday while he was off work and I was at work to ask for my parents blessing!!!! He then got us an Uber to a favorite dive bar of ours where our friends and family were waiting, AND he had reached out to my boss ahead of time to get me the next morning off from work!! “

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A special thank you to all of the wonderful vendors!

Event Coordinator – Ivory + Vine Events

Hair + Makeup Artist – Brittany Jones Hair + Makeup

Bridal Gown – Lulu’s Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids – Azazie Online

Floral – Events & Experiences

Entertainment/Video/Photo booth – Toast Entertainment

Fireworks Display – Pyrotex

Catering – Nick + Sam’s Steakhouse

Taco Bar – El Come Taco