Jenna & Conlan – Engagement Session at Highland Park and White Rock Lake

November 21, 2017

Y’all, I just have to take a second and brag about my couples.  I have had quite the streak of amazingness when it comes to engagements lately and I owe it all to my couples who trust me to make them look awesome, especially when I ask them to do weird things like climb down into a creek.  I loved getting to hang out with Jenna and Conlan over in Dallas for their engagement session.  They are a hoot and had me cracking up the whole time! And bonus points for just going with it when I decided I wanted to go back to a spot we had already shot, but climb down on the rocks and into the creek. And then even more extra special bonus points to Jenna for climbing around on rocks in her heels! You can’t even tell we are in the middle of Dallas and I love it!  They even brought a bottle of champagne to pop and share over at the lake.  I can already tell how much fun their wedding day is going to be! Can’t wait!