Annie & Josh are Engaged – Proposal Photography

January 5, 2017

I love documenting proposals, there is nothing like the surprise and secrecy of waiting for that moment when he FINALLY goes to one knee  and out comes the ring – the tears, the laughter, the YES!!!!  This proposal was super near and dear to my heart though – this lovely bride to be is our very own Annie – my associate photographer and dear friend.  When I heard the whispers of the proposal and their coming engagement I knew that Amanda and I had to be a part of this very special day.  A little message on Facebook to Josh led to us helping document this emotionally charged proposal and doing some sneaking around to make sure Annie looked gorgeous.  I was so tricky I even had a reason for her to have her makeup professionally done by Fallon Farmer with Love & Pout Makeup and made sure she was super fancy!

Along with Thirteen Media we followed Annie on and adventure around Fort Worth where she visited spots that were tied into Josh & Annie’s courting and at each spot she had a surprise!  Josh is a big hearted guy (I am really super happy he is marrying my girl – I am in tears writing this!!!) and he exposed all of his softness for this day.  Not only did he take her on a scavenger hunt but at each location he had a married couple that they are friends with there to greet her, give her a gift and ask her a question.  Before hand Josh had Thirteen Media record him answering the same questions.  It was pretty freakin sweet and romantic!!  If you like crying happy tears for someone you don’t even know – you have been warned – watch the video below!  Our photos show the fun and the emotion and the highlights but the video that Thirteen Media created along side us really reveals the love that Annie & Josh have for each other, the Lord and their community.

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation to watch my Annie marry Josh on April 30th!  Love you guys and congrats!!!!


-Tracy Autem

Annie & Josh from Thirteen Media on Vimeo.