What does the session include?

  • All session fees listed are sitting fee and digital files.  Baby’s first year packages include 4 images per session or you may upgrade to all digital files.  Specialty & Heirloom products are available for purchase after your session.

Are digital files available for purchase?

  • Yes.  They are either included or available as an upgrade (baby’s first year clients.)

How do I pay?

  • We require a deposit to hold your due date or session appointment.  Payment plans are available with a credit card.  We accept cash, check and credit card.

Why is a newborn session so long?

  • We allow 3 hours for your newborn so that they may go through all their cycles on their schedule.  Time is allotted for eating, changing, comforting and sleeping (when we do most of our photographing!)

When should I book my newborn session?

  • We prefer you book your session prior to your baby’s arrival or as close to the birth as possible to guarantee you a spot in Tracy’s schedule.

When will my session be since my due date is only an estimate?

  • When booking your session or first year package Tracy sets aside your due date and keeps openings on her schedule in the weeks leading up to and after your baby’s due date.

Where will my newborn session take place?

  • You will come to our Fort Worth studio for your session where we have beautiful props and accessories as well as a toasty warm room awaiting your little one.  (See our newborn studio space on the upper right hand side of the page.)

How old should my baby be at the time of the newborn session?

  • We prefer to have your baby in for newborn photos in the first 10 days of life for best results.

Can my other children and the parents take part in the sessions?

  • Yes!  This is a special time in your family.  For siblings we ask that they come at the beginning of your time slot and that you have a relative or friend on hand to take them elsewhere during the remainder of your session.  We always encourage parents to be a part of their babies session as there is no greater comparison then to see your child in your arms as they grow.

How old should my baby be at each of the milestones photos?

  • Milestones are photographed when your baby is sitting up/grabbing toes and at 1 year.  Many people look at it as 6 months and one year but it is more important that your child be doing something new and different at each shoot.