Spotts Family – Fort Worth Portraits at Van Zandt Cottage

September 20, 2013

So thrilled to be able to create a family portrait for this awesome gang.  They had never had a “real” family photo before and I had a blast with them.  HUGE thank you to our former bride Tessa, who gifted this session to her sister.  What a great idea! These boys, Brendan & Josh are crazy and I loved it.  They are about the same age difference as my two boys so I got a good glimpse into the future for my own kiddos.  Big sister Kirsten was a photo queen and did a great job helping me wrangle her brothers.  We made allot of crazy faces, told secrets and generally misbehaved but it was FUN!  Can’t wait to see this family again.

-Tracy Autem


Such cool kids!

Shenanigans is the best word to describe these two, so silly.

Look out, Dad will get ya!  Tickle attack!

Secret telling siblings