Welcome Robert Scott “Jacks” – Fort Worth in home Lifestyle Baby Photographer

August 27, 2013

Welcome little guy!  I was so excited for this session and doing something a little different.  Morgan & Jason, past wedding clients of mine, had this little angel in July and right after he hit a month they invited me into their home for their first family portraits.  We did some formal photos of them with their new addition, some solo shots of Jacks but also captured some Lifestyle Photos of them just hanging out as a family.  It has been amazing to watch these two grow as a couple and into amazing parents.  Morgan was a beautiful bride but she takes my breath away as a Momma.  Jason is doing a good job too.  🙂  He even had his first adventure in being left alone with the little guy and did great.  Can’t wait to see how Robert Scott changes this family further as he grows.

-Tracy Autem

HAD to do a composite of all of Jacks little, squishy parts.

Morgan and Jason did an awesome job on his travel inspired nursery.  It was adorable!


My sweet precious little grandson “Robert Scott” “Jacks” with his loving parent’s “Jason & Morgan!
I love every pic! smiles, hugs and kisses!!!!

These were as beautiful as the wedding photos…..because of the subjects and the photographer!! Loved seeing this album.