Baby Perfection from My Newborn is Art Workshop

April 16, 2013

I love babies!  Every time I am chosen to photograph the squishy perfect newness of a little life my heart gets a little soft.  It has become one of my favorite types of sessions and as more of our past bride and grooms choose to lay their trust in us for the next big step in their lives it was time for me to lay myself in some one else’s hands for some one on one training.  Education is a key aspect in all professions and I hope I never stop learning as it keeps me in love with what I do.  I began the search for a newborn photographer to train beside over a year ago and finally settled on My Newborn is Art out of Salt Lake City.  So I packed my bags and caught a plane, leaving lovely warm Texas to arrive in a snow filled landscape with mountains!  I spent one full day with Chelsea in her tiny, hot studio and two families with their precious ones.  I learned so much from her and she confirmed so much of what I already knew.  She encouraged me and inspired me.  Here are some images of one little man and two twin boys that I created along side Chelsea and some photos of her in action posing and teaching me.

-Tracy Autem