Head Family Portrait at Rustic Urban Location near our Fort Worth Studio

October 30, 2012

OH how I could photograph these two for hours.  I wanted to keep them and take them for hot chocolate and play some more.  Josephine and Eliza are dolls and have personality to boot.  Josie (the BIG sister) is super silly and loved hamming it up for the camera.  Eliza is sweet and I loved her playful attitude.  The parents, Hayden & Alison were pretty cool too.  I just loved photographing this family at one of our rustic urban locations near by our studio in Fort Worth.

-Tracy Autem

p.s. I think I have fallen in love with children and family portraits.  Weddings you still have a big chunk of my heart but portraits are creeping their way in there.

BIG hugs!

Look at that face, you know she is ready to play.

Little Eliza has a sneaky face (above) but I got that smile out of her in the end.

Like I said, Hamming it up for me.  Such a little poser.

Sweet sisters.

OK, enough with the cuteness of the little ones, here is the entire family looking amazing.

These last two photos make me joyful, they completely capture the essence of these two girls personalities at PLAY.


I love ALL of these! They turned out so beautifully! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! 🙂