Callie, Jason & Brady – Family Portraits at Train Tracks and Tall Grassy Field

October 24, 2012

I was SO excited to photograph this family last week.  A few years ago I photographed Callie & Jason’s wedding at Marty Leonard Chapel and Ashton Hotel and now they have this awesome big boy for a son.  Brady just kills me with his cuteness.  I mean, who could not love those curls and baby blue eyes!  This little man is in LOVE with trains so the tracks were the perfect place to capture his attention and allow him some time to play.  We were super lucky because a train actually happened by and stopped for us!  The engineer got off the train and invited Brady to climb on the steps and get his photo taken.  It was so sweet, there needs to be more men like that in the world.  Can’t wait to see how Brady continues to grow and I hope he will get to be a big brother soon!


-Tracy Autem