Addy {9 Months} Fort Worth Baby Photographer at Van Zandt Cottage

September 10, 2012

Addy is 9 months and on the move!  Just loved seeing this little girl again (and her Mommy and Daddy).  So amazed at the little changes that just 3 months brings.  Addy is not standing up with support, moving on all fours and has two adorable front teeth.  Her eyes just sparkle and I know she brings so much joy to Meghan and Austin.  Can’t wait till I see her again for her birthday!!!

AND I am so happy to share the NEW and improved logo on this post.  I am in love with it and will be posting all about the process later this week.  Addy’s pictures are sporting our combo logo.  You will see this whenever a portrait session was photographed by me!  The sweet Lightly logo with the wings will be present on all of the associates work.

-Tracy Autem

Look at that baby chub.  Awwww.

Amazing eyes!!!

A total favorite from the session.  Makes me think back to their engagement session.

Pout faces often end sessions but they are darn cute.