Maria & John {Married} Part 1 Tea Ceremony and Catholic Ceremony in Ft. Worth

September 30, 2011

Wedding Partners

Last weekend I photographed a very different wedding then I’ve ever photographed before. Maria and John had a traditional Vietnamese ceremony. I loved getting to experience such a different culture and how they do things. First they began with a traditional Tea Ceremony where John and his family brought gifts to the brides family. They then began serving tea to their relatives. It was such an intimate ceremony of friends and family and I loved that they were all there to celebrate with them! After the tea ceremony in the morning we then rushed off to Christ the King Catholic church where they had a traditional Catholic ceremony. Their reception was held at Kowloon Restaurant in Arlington and boy was it yummy! There were all sorts of great Vietnamese food that Amanda and I were able to try, and I do love Vietnamese food! Here are a few of my favorites from their traditional tea ceremony and ceremony at the Church. Stay tuned for more!

-Sarah Halferty