We are Green.

Happy Earth Day!  As the world celebrates ways to be cleaner and kinder to the Earth this week I thought I would take the opportunity to share with our clients how we are GREEN.

This year Lightly & Tracy Autem Photography made the decision to go paperless.  Ok, so we are digital photographers and obviously clients still want prints (on paper) so we are not talking about cutting that out.  We have been phasing in an online studio management system that allows all of our correspondence, contracts and invoicing to be completely paperless.  We are happy to announce that as of 2011 booking year all of our clients will be fully integrated to this system and producing no paper with us!

We love things that make life easier for our clients by having all their account information available anywhere they go on their phone or at home and better yet we can leave one less thing behind on this Earth.  How are you GREEN?