Mr. & Mrs. Mason Steger

June 4, 2009

Wedding Partners

Amelia and Mason were married a few weeks ago in Granbury. I had never shot a wedding out that way so it was a fun adventure for me and Sarah Rizy. Their wedding was at their family church and the reception was at the convention center. The neat thing about their venue was it’s awesome view overlooking the lake. It allowed for a super special getaway on a boat and a few fun shots with the bridal party in the sand on the beach next to it.

They choose to see each other before the ceremony which allowed us some time in downtown where we found some cute doorways and stairwells as well as the court house. The wind picked up and it even rained for a quick few minutes but mostly we had perfect weather. Spending time alone with my couples has to be my favorite part of the day not just because of the photos we get to take but because it is so nice to see them alone, chatting & laughing and enjoying one another.

Congratulations you two and I hope you had a fabulous honeymoon!