Sherah & JW – Anniversary

February 12, 2009

Wedding Partners

It is my great pleasure to do two things with this post. Wish this darling couple a happy anniversary and introduce our newest associate, Sarah Rizy!

I know, another associate named Sarah! Don’t worry, I have a new rule. If you want to work for Lightly Photography your name needs to be anything besides Sarah, or be willing to change it. (totally kidding, but really I seem to attract Sarah’s!)

I will be sharing more about Sarah Rizy in the upcoming weeks but I am nothing but pleased to share some of her first photos as a Lightly Photography Associate Photographer!

On January 18th, Sarah Rizy joined Sherah & JW in downtown Forney to celebrate their 6 year anniversary. These two met at college and are now the proud parents of two precious boys. From the looks captured on their faces they still seem crazy in love just like newlyweds!