Tae Turns 30!


Tae is 30 and she is proud of it and I just love her for it! We got together this last week after her 30th birthday weekend bash and captured ALL her sides. Tae is silly, daring, funny, a kid at heart but still beautiful and breath taking.

She has a great sense of style and a love for shoes that I can totally understand. She had a monkey – a real live one – for her birthday and she brought a big stuffed one along for the shoot that was just plain fun. We started the day at Meecham airport and shot in front of a cesna air plane in the hangar which was a first for me. I could talk for a long time about this shoot because she is so multi dimensional and we had a great time laughing and hanging out.

I think you will be able to see a good portion of Tae and how fun she is from the images I selected to share. Congratulations Tae on being 30 years young and knowing how to rock it!