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Jess and Bobby – Engagement Session at Globe Life ParkArlington, TX

ATTENTION ALL BASEBALL FANS!!!  It is finally baseball season and with Jess and Bobby there was no other place than the Texas Rangers Stadium (Globe Life Park) for their engagement portraits.  Bobby proposed to Jess during a tour of the stadium, so I loved that they wanted to have their photos done there.  Being a big baseball fan myself, this was such a treat!  Not only are Jess and Bobby big Rangers fans, but they are the sweetest and kindest people! They are so much fun to be around and we had a blast hanging out around the empty stadium.  Our tour guide, Dick, also provided us with a fun time, a little Rangers history and added entertainment!  If you haven’t taken a tour, you definitely should!  I think the ballpark might be one of my favorite places to photograph.  Congratulations to Jess and Bobby!  Hope to you see you at a game soon! (Also, a special shout out to the tour coordinator, Billie, at the ball park!  She was absolutely wonderful to work with!)


Stephanie and Patrick – Engagement Session at The Dallas Arboretum and White Rock LakeDallas, TX

I am so excited to share Stephanie and Patrick’s engagement session!  I met up with these two at the Dallas Arboretum for the first part of their session.  We thought we were going to have bad weather, but luckily the sun started to pop out as we started and it was absolutely gorgeous by the time we got to the lake.  Stephanie is a TCU Horned Frog like me and Patrick has just moved here to Texas from New York, and I have never been so aware of how many times I say the word, Y’all.  I love when I can joke and poke fun with my couples.  It makes everything just a little bit more fun!  Stephanie and Patrick will be getting married in September and I can’t wait!


Amanda and Matías – Utah Destination Engagement SessionAmerican Fork and Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

I recently had the opportunity to photograph my good friend, Amanda, and her new fiance, Matías, for their engagement portraits.  When Amanda asked me if I would photograph them in Utah, naturally I jumped at the chance!  I love traveling and so add in a photo shoot and I’m in heaven!  Amanda and Matías met a year ago in Chile.  They recently reconnected here in the States and have been together ever since!  We had a blast in the mountains of American Fork National Park and even though we began at sunrise and it was extremely cold, these two were absolutely precious!  You’d never know it just by looking at the photos, but it was about 20 degrees up there!  Amanda and Matías had no problem keeping each other warm though.  We took a little break in the middle of the day and then took a little road trip down to the Salt Flats for a few fun sunset photos.  Since none of us had been to the Salt Flats before we had no idea that they would be like quick sand, quickly sucking up our shoes in the mud.  No worries though!  Amanda and Matías were such troopers, they just kicked their shoes off without a second thought and didn’t let it stop them from getting incredible photos!  We may have been covered in mud afterward, but it was well worth it!  Please check out their adventurous Utah engagement session! Enjoy!


Sarah & Matthew – Engagement Session in Deep Ellum & Klyde Warren Park

This couple!  Sarah & Matt met through family a while back, and started dating after Sarah moved to Dallas.  We explored parts of Deep Ellum to get some fun shots and then headed over to Klyde Warren Park for some more photos.  These two had so much chemistry and laughed during the whole session.  We finished our session with the evening Dallas skyline in the background!  Take a look at some of my favorite shots from this engagement session!


Brigit & Lucas – Engagement SessionKlyde Warren Park & The Arts Bishop District

Brigit and Lucas are such a fun and sweet couple! They are having an intimate wedding next month at Reata (yum!).  I enjoyed getting to know them as we walked around Dallas and explored the areas around Klyde Warren Park.  Brigit has a great smile and looked great (shout out to Fallon from Love + Pout Makeup).  For our second location we went to the Bishop Arts District and Brigit wore a fun pair of red shoes!  I can’t wait for their wedding!  Check out a few of my favorite moments from their shoot.


Jessica & Sidney – Engagement SessionFort Worth Botanic Gardens and Dowtown Fort Worth

Jessica and Sidney were such a fun couple!  We were lucky and got not only beautiful weather but also fall color in December!  We started off our session at the Botanic Gardens and then moved to Sundance Square to get some fun photos.  Their sweet dog made an appearance as well for a few photos.  I can’t for their wedding next year!  Enjoy some of my favorite moments from their session!



Nicki and Kenny – Engagement SessionKlyde Warren Park and White Rock Lake - Dallas, TX

It’s December and Fall has finally arrived in Texas!  It was a little bit chilly outside but man was it pretty.  I met up with Nicki and Kenny at Klyde Warren Park for a little bit more of a city vibe and then we headed over to White Rock Lake.  With all of the leaves finally changing colors it was the perfect fall backdrop for their engagements!  I absolutely loved getting to hang out with Nicki and Kenny.  They are just as cute as they can be and I always have a soft spot for my fellow Horned Frogs!  I cannot wait for their wedding next year!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Diana & Kylan – Engagement SessionTCU Campus & Bass Hall

I had the pleasure of photographing Diana’s bridal before her engagement, so I knew I would have a great time getting to know her special guy, Kylan.  These two met at TCU so of course we had to take some photos on campus.  We had some beautiful weather and were able to snap some photos with their sweet pups, Dottie and Dash.  After, we went to the Bass Hall that was beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Diana wore a gorgeous red dress the complimented her surroundings.  I can’t wait for their wedding!  Check out some of my favorite moments from their session.

Erika and Joel – Engagement PortraitsMagnolia Ave and Trinity Park - Fort Worth, TX


As we are getting near the end of the year, we are still having tons of fabulous sessions!  Erika and Joel are definitely no exception!  They are high school sweethearts and are just as cute now as I’m sure they were when they met 8 years ago!  We spent the first part of their session on Magnolia with their little pug named Franklin.  Franklin is just the cutest thing whose tongue constantly hangs out of his mouth.  He was cracking me up the whole time.  We headed over to Trinity Park and Erika & Joel told me they had some props they wanted to use.  HARRY POTTER PROPS!!  Let me just say, I got really excited.  Probably a little too excited.  I had so much fun hanging out with these guys and getting to photograph them and Franklin.  I cannot wait for their wedding in August!



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Lauren and Russell – Engagement SessionWhite Rock Lake - Dallas, TX

Lightly Photography 2016

I just can’t get over how cute these two are!  I met up with Lauren and Russell over at White Rock Lake and the day turned out to be gorgeous.  We thought we might have some trouble with the wind at first, but as we all know the weather never actually does what they say it will do.  I had so much fun photographing these guys.  Lauren is a hoot and even though Russell started out a little hesitant, he started to show is true goofy colors and I loved it!  I love when I can laugh with my couples and they certainly kept me laughing the whole time.  I am so happy to share their engagement session and cannot wait for their wedding in June!


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