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Sydnie & Bryant – Engagement Session at The Dallas ArboretumDallas, TX

I am so excited to share Sydnie and Bryant’s engagement photos!  Because we live in Texas we had to reschedule their session several times due to crazy weather, but we finally got an amazingly beautiful day!  Speaking of crazy weather, they even had some on the day that Bryant proposed to Sydnie at the arboretum.  Here is their sweet proposal story!

“The week before the proposal, I asked Bryant what we were doing for my birthday the following Saturday. He asked if I wanted to see the 12 days of Christmas at the arboretum. Funny story we had gotten lunch with our friends before that, and they were explaining how my friends brother was planning to propose to his girlfriend at the arboretum the following Saturday (Bryant panicked at that moment but wanted to stick with his plan). The day of the proposal, the weather started to turn early afternoon. We planned originally to get to the arboretum at 3:00 but Bryant started rushing me as I was getting ready. This is when he started acting suspicious. He finally gets me in the car and we start driving to the arboretum. It began lightly sprinkling. I asked Bryant if we could reschedule because of the weather and he was insistent we go. We pulled into the parking lot and I told him I wouldn’t go in without an umbrella. He rushed into the gift shop and purchased an umbrella. We headed toward “Day 1” and looked at the display. There was a sign indicating day 2 was to the left, but Bryant pulled me to the right instead. We then started walking, silently, toward crepe myrtle alley. We headed down for aisle of trees and Bryant all of a sudden dove into his proposal speech. A photographer was waiting behind us capturing the moment!”

I had so much fun hanging out with these two and I can’t believe I have to wait an entire year for their wedding day!  I can already tell it is going to be amazing!


Christin & TJ – Engagement Session at the Dallas Arboretum & White Rock LakeDallas, Texas

These two travel for work and met while in Indiana.  They kept in touch and when Christin was re-located close by to TJ for work a few months later, these two started to date!  They love to travel and have a Dalmation named Jewels who made a guest appearance at their session!  Check out some of my favorite moments from their session!


Allison & Jacob – Engagement Session at The Kimbell Art Museum and Fort Worth Botanic GardensFort Worth, TX

Oh my goodness gracious!  These two are just so precious I just can’t even begin to explain just how cute they are!  Allison and Jacob met at OU and had a few classes together and ran with the same group of friends before getting together.  I love how Allison describes the proposal:

It was OU vs TCU weekend in Norman. Being from Fort Worth, my parents are big TCU fans so every time the two schools play each other we make sure we are in FW or Norman for the game. This year the game was in Oklahoma so I knew my parents and little sister who just recently graduated from OU as well were coming in town for the game. We had dinner plans at a fancy steak place downtown so I was all dressed up for that. Jacob had told me his parents had a banquet in Norman to go to so we were meeting up with them for drinks near campus. A little background here is that his parents don’t get out of the house often because they prefer to stay home and his mom is a great cook. His mom also works on campus so the fact that they were planning on attending a banquet on a Friday night presented a rare opportunity for us to meet up with them for a drink before going to dinner with my family. We drove to campus, parked, and then started walking. I got wrapped up in a story (you can probably already tell that I tend to ramble!) and just kept talking and walking. All of a sudden, Jacob stops and grabs my hands. All I can remember that he said was “This is where we met. This is where we fell in love. And this is where I ask you to be my wife.” and got down on one knee. And to top it all off, he had hired a photographer to capture the moment for us. I thought it was so sweet of him to do that because he knows how important stuff like that is to me. We ended up taking a mini photo shoot with this photographer around campus and then we were starving! The dinner at the steakhouse downtown hadn’t been real all along – we ended up at this cute local restaurant in Norman where he had rented out a room and coordinated for both of our families to be there for snacks and champagne to celebrate! He knocked it out of the park. It was everything I could have hoped for and more – the perfect place that will always hold a special meaning to both of us, someone there to sneakily capture the moment, both of our families, champagne, and frosted sugar cookies! Literally the best night of my life so far 🙂

Allison and Jacob lucked out with the perfect day for their engagement session and were so giggly and sweet.  I absolutely cannot wait for their big day this fall!


Makayla & Nick – Engagement Session in Magnolia Area and a Fort Worth ParkFort Worth, TX

Makayla and Nick are quite the dynamic duo. Besides owning their own business, and raising two precious little ones, they recently launched their very own podcast, too! It’s aimed at helping other busy entrepreneurs, like themselves, navigate the work-life balance with humor and grace, which they are definitely doing.

With so much on their plate, it was fun to make this engagement-style couples session double as a date night for the adventurous pair, complete with a coffee break and a sunset stroll through a beautiful park. (We even squeezed in a few headshots, too. Talk about epic multitasking!)

Though they could clearly add modeling to their resumes, and totally rocked the smoldering stare, when asked, my favorite images of them are the ones where they’re giggling and cuddling, ’cause that seems to be their natural state, side-by-side, laughing their way through life.

Thanks for a fun night, you guys! And congratulations on your new venture.

– Jennifer

Katie & Keegan – Engagement Session at the Kimbell Art Musuem & Magnolia AreaFort Worth, TX

“Keegan and I went to high school together; he actually asked me out once but I was grounded! Fast forward to right after college and we ran into each other at a party and reconnected. He lived in Austin and I was in Arlington but we became good friends and kept in touch over the years. We started dating in February of 2016 and did long distance. I moved to Austin in November 2016 and we got engaged in April of 2017” – Katie

These two get married this summer and I am pumped!  Here are some of my favorite moments from their session!


Emilee & Rodge – Engagement Session at Stockyards Station and Sundance SquareFort Worth, TX

Emilee and Rodge are totally the kind of couple that just can’t help but smiling and laughing when they’re together. As a photographer, that made their engagement session in Fort Worth a lot of fun for all of us.

Of course, it might have helped that we went right back where Rodge popped the question, over the winter, under the sign at Stockyards Station! In fact, after we watched the daily stampede, we made sure to get several photographs in that very special spot.

Though it was still a bit chilly outside, they were such troopers braving the cold water in Sundance Square, so we could make sure and show off their new wedding day boots. I love their great sense of style, and how they snuggled up to keep warm. Congrats you two! I know your wedding is going to be something special.

– Jennifer

Alexis & Jesse – Engagement Session at The Art Museums & Downtown Fort WorthFort Worth, TX

Alexis and Jesse are so much fun and they are absolutely perfect for each other.  Jesse knew just what to say to get some giggles out of Alexis by whispering sweetly in her ear that she smelled like Chick-Fil-A.  I mean, there are worse things to smell like, right?  These two have known each other for most of their lives, so they know each other pretty well.  Alexis tells us in her own words about how they met and got together:

“Jesse and I have been together for two and half years, however I have known him since I was six. I met Jesse as a child when he moved in with my aunt to finish high school. It was not until three years ago when really reconnected when we were both in my cousin’s wedding. That night we talked all night at the rehearsal dinner and then went for drinks later which then lead to dancing all night long at a wedding the following day. Jesse and I dated a month before we became official, but that was easy because we were already attached at the hip.”

I loved getting to know these two and I am so excited to photograph their big day this November!



Kristen & Preston – Engagement Portraits at Waterfall and Art MuseumsFort Worth, TX

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristen and Preston.  They are so incredibly precious and I had such a fun time getting to know them and their sweet pups!  Since Preston plays baseball, it gives them the opportunity to travel and go on little adventures to create great memories.  I love how they describe their relationship and how they spend their time together.

“While we are together during the baseball season, we love to find local places to eat as well as fun little trips to trails or beaches. At home in Fort Worth we still spend a lot of time going to our favorite spots to eat and fostering dogs. I did not grow up with dogs in my house so I used to have kind of a superficial understand of dogs and their behavior (good or bad). But now through the work we do and the dogs we meet, I see lots of dogs that open up and love life in the right situation.
We have been to Cabo, Breckenridge, and a cruise through the Caribbean for vacations!” -Preston

“I agree with everything Preston said! I have traveled to over 12 states watching Preston play baseball so we have gotten really good at Yelp. We have found so many fun little places to adventure to. Those are some of the best memories I have with him. We took our dogs to the beach in Michigan one summer. Looking back on it, it is so random but that is what minor league life gives you on an off day. When we are in Fort Worth, Preston is incredible about helping me follow my life long dream to help rescue homeless dogs. He supports the dogs and me in so many ways. He is the best foster dad! We also love a good night with all our dogs, netflix, and a bottle of wine!” – Kristen

I am so excited for their wedding in November.  It is sure to be absolutely amazing!


Thanks to Jennifer Trotter with Lip Service Makeup for doing such an amazing job with Kristen’s hair and makeup!

Lindsey & Matt – Engagement Session at The Dallas Arboretum and Winspear Opera HouseDallas, TX


Lindsey and Matt are so cute together!  I had so much fun hanging out with them and their sweet dog, Bear, at their engagement session.  Lindsey and Matt met at TCU and are big Horned Frog fans.  I love how Matt incorporated all of that into his proposal.  Here is their story in Lindsey’s own words:

“Matt did a wonderful job of surprising me! Since TCU is so close to our hearts, Matt planned the perfect proposal at Frog Fountain. Two of our friends from law school, Sanju and Olivia, came in to visit us to go to a baseball game on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, 2017. On May 6th, we drove out to Fort Worth and had breakfast at Fuzzy’s before the game. We took them on “a tour” around campus on our walk over to the baseball stadium, right by Frog Fountain. All of a sudden Matt was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was magical… and I was completely surprised!!! We then went to the baseball game, where I was again surprised that we were going to participate in the first pitch, and that Matt had gotten all of our friends and family to come meet us and join in the celebration and cheer on the frogs at the game! We continued our celebration at dinner with family and close friends (many of which had come from out of town) and after dinner drinks at Nylo. It was truly the perfect day”

I am so excited for their big day which will also be at Robert Carr at TCU!  Go Frogs!